Gunsmith Services


The following are some of the gunsmith services we provide. The minimum shop fee is $45.00. Your firearm license and firearm registration are mandatory for these services and both must be provided when a firearm is brought in for service.

All prices are starting prices.
Extra time and charge may apply depending on the circumstances.
Please email or call for a specific quote.


Matte/Bead Blast Finish:$225.00 
Medium Polish Finish:$350.00 

Note: There is an extra charge to remove pitting. Pricing available upon request.

Cleaning + test fire

CF Rifles and Repeating Shotguns:$75.00 
Magnum Rifles, Odd Calibers and Odd Firearms:$125.00
Rimfire and Single Shot Shotguns:$55.00

Deactivation and De-Registration

Complex Firearms (eg Machine Guns):$320.00 

Iron Sight Installation

Basic:Cost of Sights + $50.00 
With Drilling and Tapping:$100.00


Barrel Straightening:$100.00 
Backbore Shotgun Barrel:$200.00 
Bend Bolt Handle:$150.00
Bolt Jewelling:$125.00
Bore Sighting:$15.00
Checking Headspace + Test Fire (current cartridges):$50.00
Checking Headspace + Test Fire (odd firearms & cartridges):$100.00
Choke Tube System Installation w/o Chokes (exception: chrome):$125.00
Choke Reaming - Fixed Style (exception: chrome):per barrel $100.00 
Custom Rifle Building:Please Inquire
Cut & Crown Rifle Barrel:$125.00 
Cut & Crown Shotgun Barrel:$100.00 
Dovetail Slot Machining:$75.00
Forcing Cone Removal:$125.00
Muzzle Brake Installation:Cost of Brake + $150.00
Re-Barrel Installation (Threaded, Contoured, Short Chambered):Cost of Barrel + $150.00
Re-Barrel Installation (Contoured) - Thread, Chamber, Headspace:Cost of Barrel + $250.00
Barrel Contouring:$500.00 
Remington 700 Truing:$350.00
Sight Installation (Fibre Optic Front Blade):$25.00 
Sling Swivel Installation:$60.00 
Trigger Work:$150.00 
General Troubleshooting:$65.00
- We re-barrel Prohibited pistols and revolvers to Restricted; prices on request.
- We work on 1911 pistols and stock Nighthawk Custom and other quality parts.
- Send us your shotgun for a makeover, e.g. short barrels, oversized safety, oversized charging handles, ghost ring sights, aftermarket stocks, etc.

Recoil Pad Installation (prices do not include pad cost)

Wood Stock:$75.00 
Synthentic Stock (ground for fit):$75.00 
Pad Installed with Cut Stock (possible chipping):$75.00 

Reamers - Calibers we offer for re-barreling and custom builds:

  • 17 HMR, 17 rem, 17 Aguila, 17 ppc
  • 22 LR, 22 WMR, 204 ruger, 218 bee, 220 swift, 22 hornet, 22 k hornet, 222 rem, 223 rem, 22-250 rem, 22-250 ack imp, 22-303
  • 225 win, 25-06 rem, 25-20 win, 25-7 STW, 25-35 win, 243 ack imp, 257 Roberts, 257 ack imp, 26 nosler, 270 win, 270 Wby, 6.5x55 swed, 6mm-06
  • 7mm08, 280 ack imp, 7mm rem mag
  • 7.62x39 rus, 7.62x54r, 30-06 sprg, 308 win, 30 carbine, 300 h&h, 300 wby mag, 300 wsm, 303 brit, 303 epps, 30-30 win
  • 338 fed, 338-06, 338-378 wby, 375 h&h mag, 38-55 win, 32-20 win, 32-40 wn, 330 Dakota, 358 norma, 350 rem mag, 358 win, 35 whelen, 8 mm mauser, 9.6x62
  • 444 marlin, 45 basic, 45-70 gov, 416 rem mag, 458 lott, 450 Alaskan
  • 505 gibbs, 50 BMG
  • 380 auto, 30 reid, 30/32 acp, 9mm, 357 mag, 357 max, 40 s&w, 44 mag, 45 acp

  • Scope Mounting

    With scope bought from Epps (no drilling and tapping required):Free 
    With other scope (no drilling and tapping required):$30.00
    Drilling and Tapping Required (exception: hardened receivers)
    Price per hole:$15.00
    Set up for jig:$25.00

    Sighting-in Rifles and Shotguns

    Standard Calibers:Ammo + $35.00 
    Magnum Rifles & Shotgun Slug Guns:Ammo + $45.00 



    All prices are starting prices.
    Extra time and charge may apply depending on the circumstances.
    Please email or call for a specific quote.